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About Us

Cryptex Medical Systems builds on our strong development background and experience in the medical industry to create a cutting edge electronic practice management solution. We are dedicated to delivering clean, user-friendly and redundant cloud based practice management systems to our customers.

Our goal is to maximize the user experience whether you are a secretary booking patients or a surgeon doing your ward rounds, our integrated systems are changing the way medicine is practiced. Let us introduce you to the future of practice management.

Cryptex Medical Systems provides electronic practice management solutions to the medical industry. Our Mission is to enhance the doctor/patient relationship by providing proprietary software & operations required to improve treatment quality and efficiency.


Multisite Bookings

We understand that you operate and consult from more than one location and it can therefore become a logistical nightmare to keep track of multiple appointments at several different locations. We have built our practice booking system around this principle. From one single secure login, secretaries and practice managers can make patient appointments across all of your places of practice. Practitioners have access to this information through the use of their calendars making the running of their practice more effective.

Email Reminders

We recognize that keeping you in touch with your patients is fundamental to the modern medical practice. Our system automatically emails patients when appointments are created notifying them of the appointment place, date, time and the doctor to be consulted. All changes and cancellations are automatically communicated to the patient. We even embed Google maps into these emails to provide directions for patients. Our system also automatically sends a friendly reminder to patients via email on the morning of the appointment.

Cloud Based

With servers hosted in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, our software is truly cloud based. Our primary hosting environment exists in Johannesburg and is housed within the walls of a secure 1st tier data centre. Fault tolerant power systems and world class connectivity ensure we are always reachable at all times. You can therefore be assured that our software will be available to you anytime and from anywhere.

EDI and Billing

The key to success in any practice is an effective billing system. We have developed a state of the art billing engine that interacts directly with the medical aid providers to process claims in real-time. We do not batch claims or submit them on a daily basis, but rather process them in true real-time. You will have a response from the patient's medical aid within 15 seconds of submitting the claim thereby allowing you to process the billing before the patient leaves your practice


Multi-practice Ready
  • Practice calendars
  • Patient information management
  • Patient communication system
Basic plus:
  • Electronic scripting and reports
  • Patient notes and uploads
  • Patient medication and problem list
Clinical plus:
  • Real-time medical aid claims
  • Basic Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
Secure cloud storage
  • Consolidated patient data
  • Secure document retrieval
  • starting at 1GB

All the above are priced monthly and billed per practice. Please contact us for more information.